Abrasive Supplies from United Abrasives/SAIT

Abrasive Brushes, Wheels, Pads, Belts and Discs from United Abrasives/SAIT

United Abrasives/SAIT is synonymous with quality, reliability, innovation and value. They are a leader in the abrasives industry with products that set new standards of excellence. United Abrasives are dedicated to continually testing, designing and improving their products to ensure quality and maximum function.  They are the clear choice for professionals who value safe, quality, durable abrasives.

Abrasive Supplies from Carborundum

Abrasive Belts, Discs, Wheels, Pads & Rolls from Carborundum and Merit

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Abrasive Belts, Discs, Rolls & Pads from VSM Abrasives Corp.

VSM Abrasives Corp. employs grain technology and application know-how to ensure production efficiency with their range of abrasive products.